Scheduled Shredding


Scheduled Document Destruction Shredding


Sometimes getting your document shredded on an annually or even periodically basis is not enough. Secure Document Solutions provides flexible scheduled shredding that focuses on bringing security, convenience, and peace of mind to you and your business.

Businesses in the medical, financial, and legal field accumulate paperwork and records quickly. Without a plan keep your file system organized and up-to-date, out-dated documents can overwhelm your company. Some documents are even illegal to keep past a set amount of time.

You can use conventional shredders to alleviate this, however many of them are very slow and do not shred documents thoroughly enough. This means that you invested a large amount of time into destroying documents that can still be reconstructed.

This could lead to several unwanted consequences including identity theft, revealing trade secrets, competitors gaining an advantage, and even failure to comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations and standards.

Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Secure Document Solutions comes with a reputation built on trust and convenience, serving hundreds of businesses and individuals. Our scheduled shredding service is no different.

We can accommodate any kind of schedule or process that you have. If you need documents shredded weekly or on sporadic intervals, we make every effort to make sure your documents are destroyed on time and in a secure fashion.

Your company will be provided with a bin (or several bins) that vary in size. These bins are just as secure and safe as our vehicles and warehouses. We then pick up the bin whenever you are ready or on your scheduled pick up time.

At our warehouse, your documents are destroyed completely with no chance of reconstruction. Not only are our shredders that good, but our employees go through rigorous background checks to ensure that only the most trusted individuals handle your documents.

Call us today at: 1-888-ITS-SECURE (1-888-487-7328) or contact us online to learn more about scheduled document destruction and paper shredding service.

Available Security Cabinets

 Once you've identified records that need to be shredded, we do all the rest. We offer lock-and-key bins for you to collect documents for shredding. We pick up the bins and follow up with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Secure Document Solutions in New Lenox, scheduled shredding, document shredding


36" Office Cabinet
(About 100lbs of Paper) 

 66 Gallon Office Bin
(About 200lbs of Paper)