Financial document shredding service


Document Shredding and Storage Solutions for Industries

Businesses and individuals can benefit from secure document destruction and storage. Out dated paperwork can quickly pile up, disrupting you company's daily operations and file organization. This makes it nearly impossible to run your company efficiently and confusion-free. 

Protecting Your Image and Your Security

Secure Document Solutions specializes in financial document shredding, paper shredding and document storage. Your documents are treated with a level of security you will not find anywhere else.

Our storage and shredding services have been perfected to deliver the peace of mind you need while effectively protecting your security and that was before we helped hundreds of Chicago businesses!

We provide long-term and short-term data and document storage, scheduled shredding, and one-time shredding services to all industries, including:

  • Government Agencies
  • Medical Practices and Doctors
  • Financial Agencies and Institutions
  • Law Firms and Attorneys

Did you know?

Some industries, especially businesses in the legal, medical, and financial fields, handle paperwork that becomes illegal to possess after a certain amount of time. The Federal Trade Commission put regulations like these in place to protect individuals' personal information. Failing to comply with these regulations comes with big consequences.

Is your business complying?  Call 1-888-ITS-SECURE (1-888-487-7328) or contact us online to receive a free estimate and information on relevant state or Federal security legislation. document destruction in Chicago