One time shredding


One Time Shredding Services

Allowing old and out-dated documents to take up space in your file cabinets and desks could overwhelm your office over time. This can impact your company's ability to operate effectively as the documents eat up physical space that could be better utilized, get in the way, and add unnecessary chaos to your file organization.

Even worse, some documents with personal or financial details can actually become unlawful to have if kept too long. Shredding your documents periodically or at least annually can prevent this. Getting rid of these documents with conventional shredders may take a big investment of time, and many shredders do not destroy the documents effectively.

This can result in security breaches, identity theft, customer mistrust, and even failure to comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations. One time shredding across Illinois, and Indiana, bulk shredding in New Lenox, and bulk shredding across Illinois, and Indiana.

Protect Your Company and Customers

Get sensitive documents destroyed on a periodic or annual basis. Our process is safe, secure, and hassle-free. We will come to you to pick up documents you need shredded at a time of your convenience.

Secure Document Solutions has provided confidential document destruction, paper shredding, and document storage solutions to Chicago businesses and residents for years. Our employees are bonded, screened for criminal background and credit checks, and go through drug testing.

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From pick up to destruction, your documents are treated with a level of security you will not find anywhere else! Call 1-888-ITS-SECURE (1-888-487-7328) or contact us online to learn more about our effective document management solutions.