Scheduled Shredding Pricing


Scheduled Shredding (Standard Service)



 $65.00 minimum per pickup.  

·  1-36” Cabinet can be as low as $14.00 Per Cabinet. 

·  Office Grey included. Custom colors additional. 

·  1-66 Gal bin as low as $25.00 per bin. 

·  Volume discounts for multiple bins per site.

·  Scheduled shredding service pick ups are set on a weekly schedule.

·  Frequency of pick ups can be scheduled for once a week or as far out as once every 24 weeks.

·  No service fee for calling in to change pick up schedule.

·  No hidden fees. 

·  Per service pricing

·  Discounts for high frequency     

·  Discounts for high volume

Call or chat/email for a volume quote.

Service Levels

Extreme Panic Service

Rush Service

Standard Service

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